DENTURES What are my options !

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DENTURES:   “What are my options?”

If you find yourself where a where you have only a few healthy teeth or none at all, we might recommend dentures to replace your missing teeth…….

There are three types of dentures: PARTIAL DENTURES,


  Both types are artificial replacements for your natural teeth and gums, made in a dental lab, based on a mold [or an impression] of your mouth.

A  #Partial Denture is also called a “removable partial dentures” or a “partial.”

It is made up of one or more false teeth, and held in place by clasps that fit onto nearby teeth. You can take the partial dentures out yourself, for cleaning and at night.  Partial dentures may be used when nearby teeth are not strong enough to hold a bridge, or when more than just a few teeth are missing.

A # Full Denture is also called a “complete dentures” or “#false teeth.”

It can be used when all your natural teeth are missing.  These dentures are held in place by suction.  They can cause some soreness at first and may take some time to get used to.

There are two types of complete dentures:  Immediate dentures and Conventional dentures.

Immediate Dentures are made before your natural teeth are removed. Measurements and models of your jaws are created during your visit.  Once your teeth are extracted, your dentist inserts the immediate dentures.  The primary benefit of immediate dentures is that you are not without teeth during the healing process, which can take up to six months.  During this healing period, your gums and bones may shrink and your immediate dentures may need to be relined by your dentist to assure a proper fit.

Conventional Dentures are made and inserted into your mouth after your teeth have been extracted and your gum and jaw tissues are healed.

Over Dentures   Many patients have conventional dentures and don’t wear them as they may feel uncomfortable or that they don’t stay in place.# Dental implants offer a way to keep dentures in place and allow you to go about your daily life with confidence.

The use of #dental implants to stabilize dentures has proven to be successful for many people. The number continues to grow as word spreads about the effectiveness and long-term durability of the treatment. In fact, it has been reported that dental implants have the highest success rate of any implanted surgical device.

Benefits of an #OverDenture

  • Restores proper chewing, allowing a better diet and improved health
  • Improves speech and confidence
  • Increases comfort with less irritation of gum tissue
  • Eliminates the cost and inconvenience of denture adhesives
  • Often can utilize your existing denture
  • Minimally invasive procedure

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